Novo Associates

Revolutionizing Data-driven Engagement with Blockchain Innovation

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The firm operates in the realm of rewards-driven marketing, leveraging blockchain technology for data privacy and security. They focus on industries like hospitality, ed-tech, and marketing technology, offering a platform for consumer data collection and engagement. They offer a unified platform for gathering consumer feedback and data, integrating blockchain technology for secure, anonymous user identification.


  • Initial Rollout: Achieved a 21% conversion rate with 66% completing the checkout process.
  • Consumer Insights: Collected 68 valuable data points for consumer behavior analysis.
  • Blockchain Integration: Migrated to Solana, reducing transaction costs by 60%, with additional optimizations further decreasing costs by 20%.
  • Cost Efficiency: Reduced a client’s cost per acquisition dramatically from $700 to $6.
  • Strategic Partnerships: Onboarded over 10 brands for Web3 wallet integration.
  • Marketing Efficiency: Surpassed traditional email campaigns by 9x in effectiveness.
  • Survey Engagement: Increased survey response rates by 65% through improved user engagement.


The primary challenges included optimizing loyalty and advertisement channels, ensuring user anonymity while collecting authentic data, and streamlining the survey engagement process for diverse industries.

Services Provided

Tech Development

Implemented a blockchain-based solution for secure, anonymous user engagement, and developed a unified platform for data collection and consumer feedback, optimized for industries like hotels and amusement parks.

Marketing and Growth

Enhanced marketing strategies to boost user engagement through rewards and NFT-based incentives, leading to a significant increase in survey response rates and efficiency over traditional methods.


Managed internal operations with a focused team of engineers and product personnel, successfully handling the rollout of new features and migration to the Solana blockchain for cost-effective transactions.