Novo Associates

Architectural Design Company

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Architectural design company, focused on providing consumers technology that allows them to walk through a life size version of their designed house. The main objective was to acquire leads by persuading people to book sessions for viewing house plans. The project involved transforming standard architectural drawings into dynamic 3D renders, catering to projects of any size for both, residential and commercial.

Outcomes/ Results

  • Cost Efficiency: Achieved a significant 62.5% reduction in Cost Per Acquisition.
  • Lead Generation: Saw a 37.5% increase in leads over a six-month period.
  • LinkedIn Metrics: Recorded a 55.57% increase in page views, a 54.45% increase in unique visitors, and a 55.6% increase in followers.
  • Website Performance: Noted a 102.0% rise in new users and an 8.4% improvement in average engagement time in the last six months.
  • Market Positioning: Successfully established a niche in a novel technological domain.


Demand Generation and Lead Conversion: Targeting a wide range of clients including architects, construction companies, and everyday citizens aiming to build houses. Our goal had twofold: First, to build interest in our innovative technology, and second, to turn this growing interest into actual customers.


Marketing Strategies

Digital Advertising: Leveraged Google Ads, TikTok, and Facebook for widespread outreach.

Promotional Tactics: Introduced free demo sessions and expanded into new franchise areas to bolster market presence.

Targeting and Engagement

Plan Varieties: Offered both residential and enterprise plans to appeal to a broader audience.

Online Presence: Aggressively improved online visibility, particularly on LinkedIn, to enhance engagement metrics.